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Mason Jar

Mason jar is a glass tube with a lid originated in the United States. It can contain juice, jelly, milkshake, jam, pickles and even more things you can’t think of. No matter what season or occasion, Mason jars are the most practical food pairing.
Mason jars light up the happiness of many ordinary people, and simple and exquisite food brings an ordinary and warm life. The mason jar is no longer just a container, it has become an attitude, a taste, a way of life, an ordinary and positive force. It is like a wishing bottle, carrying extraordinary life dreams.

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Jeanne, the founder of Balenga, is a housewife who loves life. Every day, she uses Mason jars to DIY various delicacies to make every member of the family feel the warmth and love.
Because the mason jar can be reused many times, it can also be stored. The lids of mason jars need to be replaced frequently, and different lids are needed to make different mason jars. Therefore, Jenny wants to sell her carefully selected mason jar lids on Balenga, to promote mason jar delicacies and tell people to create a better life for ordinary people through mason jar delicacies.
In Balenga, you can buy various types of mason jar lids carefully selected by Jenny, and you can make all kinds of mason jar delicacies. We welcome you to Balenga to communicate with us and discuss everything about Mason jars. You can contact us if you have any suggestions!

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